preparing for technical interview in IT

How to prepare for IT technical interview questions?

Job interviews can be sometimes traumatic for candidates, especially technical ones due to complexity and IT jargon there.
To feel confident and relaxed before and during the interview you should prepare yourself. You can be sure that after some preparations your talk with an interviewer will be smooth and more interesting. Today I will mainly focus on preparation for a technical backend interview, but you can also find here a few general tips which can help you in different types of interviews.
Remember that it is a subjective set of hints which may not be applied in all working places.

Technical backend interview CV form

First and very important thing is your Curriculum Vitae. In 99% cases the interviewer checks CV before the interview, to examine your skills, identity and basically all information you put inside the doc. To simplify this process for your interviewer you should put only useful information. If you applied for a Node.js developer position, there is no need to put information about your driver license or job positions before you started It career. Keep in mind that shorter CV is better CV. If you are able to put everything inside one – two A4 pages then your interviewer can save some time and will be more satisfied. Imagine a situation when your CV consists of five A4 pages but useful data can be stored on a half page and the interviewer has to read everything to obtain a few things, there will be an irritation, for sure. 

Be ready for live coding while technical backend interview

Sometimes, even if you have been assured that there is no live coding session during the interview, the interviewer can ask you to share your screen and e.g. do some trivial JavaScript tasks. So it is very important to be prepared for this kind of situation. You should at least be able t