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How to get into Project Management?

How to get into Project Management? As companies of all sizes become increasingly reliant on technological solutions, the role of their IT departments will grow as well. And together with that, they get more substantial budgets and a higher number of projects. Those who are responsible for managing these large and often complex projects are IT Project Managers.

Read this article to learn everything there is to know about this exciting role – how to get into Project Management, what it’s all about, what skills project management requires, and what kind of professionals become amazing Project Managers.

But first, why IT project management?

Why has project management become such a popular choice among ambitious professionals? Primarily, because IT companies offer a lot of value on many different levels. First, there are the attractive employee benefits such as flexible working hours, the possibility of working remotely, and many other perks including private healthcare and sports memberships.

IT companies are characterized by a specific professional culture that many people find very appealing. Instead of rigid, hierarchical structures, IT organizations promote flat hierarchies, reward high performance and competencies, and foster growth and professional development.

Finally, the job is highly-coveted because on average it offers a higher salary than regular project management. For example, a typical project manager salary in the US amounts to $75,474 per year