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The Skills You Need to Be a Back-End Developer

In our previous text, we focused on general differences between backend and frontend developers. We continue to create texts on this issue – today we’re going to address what backend developer skills you should have. 


But let’s get back to what a “backend” is in a software development environment. Backend is the “administrative” layer of the project being created. For example, the frontend is the layer that is responsible for communication with the user – it is the user interface and everything that is “visible” while using the application. Whereas “backend” is everything that “happens in the background”. – server configuration, internal mechanisms, tools for maintaining the service in the network. The backend developer is responsible for tasks that directly concern the server layer.


The main role of the backend developer is continuous and harmonious cooperation with front-end developers. Without proper communication and a clear way of acting, there is no way to bring the project to the desired goal. In other words, the backend developer is responsible for the “logical” issues of the project, which is done by creating appropriate instructions in specific programming languages. 


Their role in creating fast and user-friendly applications is enormous. They are also responsible for communicating the application with the database in such a way that the information flow is: fast and secure. They must keep up to date with the guidelines for data protection policies and guard the safeguards to minimize the risk of information leakage. Thus, the backend developer has an extremely responsible and sometimes demanding job. Therefore, not everyone can be a backend developer. What is certain, however, is that this type of specialization gives great satisfaction and in a way provides a “driving force” in the context of determining the final shape of the project. 


Backend Developer Skills – social responsibility

Nowadays, it is very difficult to imagine a backend developer who has very low social skills. This is all the more important because such specialists very often work in larger groups. It is worth mentioning that this team does not have to consist of only backend developers – they can also be frontend developers, software engineers, and UX architects. The scope of competence of the team can be very wide, and this in turn causes that there should be harmony in such a team. This is achieved through appropriate approaches to work and tasks. 


Very often there is also an approach, according to which backend developers are assigned completely different tasks, operate on completely different parts of a particular project. Often they also provide a “knowledge base” for less experienced colleagues and help them. As we have shown in the headline above, high social skills are highly desirable in the software development market. 


Cooperation with software engineers and testers (QA team) is now standard. If you are thinking about becoming a backend developer, you must take these issues into account. It is a huge challenge, an incredible responsibility, but also great satisfaction. Our backend developers team defines their work in this way – it’s not easy, it’s challenging, but in the end, it’s engaging and allows for positive professional performance. 


Backend Developer Skills – in a nutshell

Looking for a shortened “pattern” of a good backend developer? Check out our key points based on our experience.


  • Knowledge of version control systems – including Git. However, each position may have different requirements in this regard. Are you interested in our job offers? Check here!
  • You must understand front-end web technologies – including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. This is absolutely necessary at this time. As we mentioned in the previous section, the requirements for candidates may be completely different – it’s worth getting to know them before starting the recruitment process.
  • You must be able to create and manage a hosting environment and know the database systems. It is also important to optimize these areas and make sure that they work flawlessly. A great advantage will be adequate knowledge of the applicable legal acts concerning personal data protection.
  • An absolute obligation of the front end developer is the knowledge of the framework used in the company, as well as the programming language, which allows creating a backend.
  • If you have excellent knowledge of how to create strong security, can do penetration tests, and turn in the circle of cybersecurity – this is your great asset!


Have many backend developers graduated from IT-related studies?


Our observations show that many backend developers have graduated from computer science studies, but there are also those who have come to everything by themselves or have previously worked in a completely different field of software development. There are known cases of testers who, thanks to their hard work, achieved a lot in the field of backend development. And they are often very, very talented people, authorities in such fields. We can point out such cases in our company – we are extremely proud of our employees.


Is it difficult to become a backend developer? Starting from “zero”, it is certainly very difficult to understand the knowledge needed to start working. As we mentioned earlier, this is an extremely responsible and often exhausting job. Contact with customers, a large number of tasks on which the functioning of the project depends – it is certainly not a job for everyone. However, if you are pre-programmed, nothing prevents you from working as a backend developer. However, it is worth knowing what skills are worth acquiring and… how to reach them. Fortunately, nowadays knowledge is literally at your fingertips. You can take advantage of online courses, you can acquire professional literature or… learn by yourself – sometimes from mistakes. Some companies organize internships for people who want to learn something new in the first place. It is a common practice that the best candidates during an internship are offered a job in such a company. 


Do you want to take advantage of knowledge on the Internet? You probably know these services, but it is worth checking them once in a while:


  • – a lot of training materials and a great opportunity to find your own mentor who will help you with the most difficult issues.
  • Udemy – one of the most famous websites that deal with online courses, not only those concerning programming. It’s definitely worth using it, but we point out that it’s worth to read opinions about a particular course first.
  • Udacity – focused on quick learning of the basics, which will allow you to take the first steps towards becoming a backend developer. 


However, backend developer skills can be acquired in yet another way. You can look for your own mentor, who already works in the profession and has a great knowledge of the subject. A lot of people connected with this field of software development are very willing to share their knowledge. If you have a friend who is a backend developer – turn to him. His experience will allow you to acquire the most important skills before you start looking for a job in the profession. 


And remember, never stop at self-development in the field of backend development. If you don’t develop, you… are actually retreating. The IT world is changing very fast, and so are the trends. 


As a backend developer, I highly value solving very complex problems together through teamwork, in-depth analysis, and joint implementation. The ability to work as a team, analyze and take responsibility for one’s own work and that of others are certainly the most important features when selecting new team members. I am extremely proud to work in my team and be part of Concise Software.


Łukasz Śmiałowski – backend developer in Concise Software


However, this is not an opinion of a single backend developer. This is how the whole team thinks in Concise Software. This is how we are able to solve even the most difficult problems for our customers’ satisfaction. And this is the most important thing for us – that our partners are satisfied with the results of our work. We also want to ensure that our employees are constantly striving for self-development and that they enjoy their work. This is the goal of Concise Software and these values correspond to our mission.


The Skills You Need to Be a Back-End Developer | Concise Software

Backend developer skills – here’s what else you must be able to do 

Contrary to appearances, backend developer skills should not be “narrow”. Flexible, widely developed employees holding this position are a treasure in the software development industry. That is why, in this paragraph, we will deal with those skills, which are additional assets in the recruitment process. An excellent backend developer should know literally everything – but we know that it is impossible. Nevertheless, the broader the scope of knowledge of such a specialist, the better. We will show you in which directions it is worth additionally develop in order to have as many assets in the industry as possible:


  • We have already mentioned skills in database systems. However, it is also worth knowing other of them: NoSQL or RDBMS, among others. In some companies, they are even required, and in other cases, their knowledge is an asset in the context of specific projects. Therefore, it is worth knowing at least the basics, so that in the further parts of the work you do not have any problem with them.
  • Work organization is the key to effective work. It is often the case that a backend developer complains about the lack of time due to the accumulation of tasks. Problems on the side of the backend, the need to introduce “ASAP” changes, or high customer requirements. The competition on the market is huge and all requirements must be met. The backend developer is a function with which there is a huge responsibility.
  • High interpersonal skills, ease in establishing contacts, and clarity in expressing ideas and thoughts. Sometimes it is extremely helpful in determining the final shape of the work. Often, brilliant ideas are born from the discussion. Here backend developers have an incredible chance to become authors of breakthrough solutions.
  • The ability to read technical documentation, to focus and understand the formulations contained therein. It is extremely important to be able to meet the expectations of a specific customer.
  • Meticulousness, accuracy, and even pedanticism during work. Creating software that is properly commented on by the programmer and reporting on all the steps taken are even required features of a good backend developer.
  • Knowledge of the mobile and cloud application development sector is also a great advantage of a good backend developer. This should be kept in mind not only during the recruitment process but also during the work already undertaken.
  • Knowledge and ability to use version control systems and tools for source code management. This is what every programmer should be able to do.


Is it difficult to become a backend developer?

It depends. A lot is brought here by a person’s personal predisposition, previous experience with the IT industry, and their type. If you know the basics of programming, have developed logical thinking skills, and learn very quickly – you have a chance to become a great backend developer. Choose the one programming language that suits you best, and that is required to be a perfect backend developer. Master it to the extent that you will feel comfortable in it. If you have the opportunity, consult your knowledge with a person who is already a backend developer and uses his knowledge and experience on a daily basis. 


This is important because it will show you the points where you are doing less well and you will be able to use this to become even better in this profession. Also, identify issues and work on them. You must remember that development in the context of software development never ends and self-development is extremely important. Listen to the advice of your senior colleagues and follow their recommendations.