Medical application engineering — iOT, web & cloud

The next frontier in medicine: connected devices to connected treatments — with a full view of the patient patient from diagnosis to treatment

Connected health enables new forms of engagement in every step care — from diagnosis to treatment and prevention.  The right solutions are a combination of mobile application development (for both medical professionals and patients) along with web and cloud engineering bring it all together.

Patient and data privacy are also critical concerns. At Concise we’ve worked on a series of different technology and cloud stacks that are regulatory compliant (HIPAA) and privacy-first.

Concise’s engineering services & experience

  • internal tablet medical professional applications — custom Android tablets and off-the-shelf hardware
  • HealthKit & Google Fit mobile application framework integration
  • Medical and fitness iOT device cloud, mobile, and web application integration
  • Device programming for wearable devices
  • Integrated CRM Salesfore development
  • Concise Software - benefits of Internet of Things for healthcare

    4 benefits of Internet of Things for healthcare

    Connected healthcare is becoming a reality. Hospitals are using Internet of Things solutions to capture and analyse data, make smarter decisions and finally – save lives and money. But there are not the only ways how IoT can improve healthcare.

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  • medical device quote

    $117 Billion Market For Internet of Things In Healthcare By 2020

    According to a new report from, the healthcare Internet of Things market segment is poised to hit $117 billion by 2020. Depending on the company talking about it, you will hear different terms: Internet of Things (abbreviated IoT by many companies), Internet of Everything (Cisco), or the Industrial Internet (GE). But the combined IoT market adds up to be much larger than $117 billion.

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