The challenge

Ubitricity at a glance

Over the past few years, ubitricity has developed the integration of smart mobile metering inside cars themselves. Alongside this, charging cables and charge spots are being developed into special, and economic, sockets suitable for almost universal installation, e. g. on walls or inside public lamp posts.

At the same time, modern IT and telecommunications, as well as the virtualization of networks, ensure that users can take their own electricity beyond the confines of distribution networks or control areas right to the charging spot, e. g. they can charge with power generated by the solar panels installed on their roof.

“With our innovations, we want to make a major contribution to the energy revolution.“

Whether it’s contracts, charging volumes or the nearest SimpleSocket – all relevant customer data is just a few clicks away with our web portal. Check, download or export all bills to your own accounting services and rest assured that secure storage and individually adjustable privacy settings guarantee the necessary data protection.

In Germany, ubitricity already cooperates with power-generating companies like Hubject and Ladenetz to facilitate the metering and billing of electricity charged at third-party installations.

The requisite Hubject and/or Ladenetz infrastructure is easily accessed via the respective partner’s RFID card. So, even when stopping “out-of-system”, external charging activities are clearly marked and charged directly to your mobile electricity bill.

The results

In record time, the team at Concise helped ubitricity deliver and publish a mobile application for both iOS and Android.



Germany, UK, USA


Android, iOS

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