Author: Krzysztof Kura

Building an application with the use of object-oriented programming languages is a process during which you should remember a number of rules and principles. They are often collectively referred to as good practices, and their goal is to guide us towards writing code that is generally easy to maintain and extend. Sometimes, failure to follow some rules comes not from the lack of knowledge about their existence, but from our different approach to their application.  

In February 2019, a new version of the React library was released. It was signed with the number 16.8.0. Solutions introduced with it revolutionized the whole library. So let`s take a closer look at the new features called React Hooks. As a developer who had the chance to become familiar with the older React libraries I would like to discuss not only the advantages, but also some drawbacks of the new solutions.

Persuing the goal of self-development, together with a group of friendly programmers we decided to write a small project, which will allow us to familiarize ourselves with the programming language Go, the queries language GraphQL and the platform for creating blockchain platforms for business solutions called Hyperledger Fabric. Certainly you want to ask why we chose these languages and technologies to work for our self-development? I will try to answer this question.

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