September 2021

Predictive Analytics is a field of study that has been much discussed in healthcare. Many companies are creating environments for artificial intelligence in medicine, and there are startups that are excelling at implementing analytics solutions. Why is it important to use new technologies to treat people? It turns out that predictive healthcare analytics has a huge advantage here when it comes to analyzing large amounts of data.  

Building an application with the use of object-oriented programming languages is a process during which you should remember a number of rules and principles. They are often collectively referred to as good practices, and their goal is to guide us towards writing code that is generally easy to maintain and extend. Sometimes, failure to follow some rules comes not from the lack of knowledge about their existence, but from our different approach to their application.  

  The increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the direct cause of climate change, the greatest humanitarian, economic and environmental threat to the world today. Counting the carbon footprint is a fundamental step towards reducing emissions, while using a carbon footprint calculator is the first step made in that direction.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is no longer a thing of science fiction movies. Instead, it is very much a part of the health industry. Artificial intelligence or AI is a key trend in digital transformation in healthcare, changing the way practitioners and patients manage care. From frontline tasks like AI-aided surgery to administration and even research, AI plays an increasingly important role.  

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